1924 Chamonix. The British curling team brings their brooms to the Parade of Nations.

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The Olympic Games Held at Chamonix in 1924 is a short film, just 35 minutes, but it does a good job of covering the first Winter Olympics. For the first time, we see some events, such as ski jump and figure skating, shown in slow-motion. Although they were not acknowledged by the IOC as Olympic Games until after they were finished, the Chamonix Games began with a Parade of Nations, with the athletes tromping through the village. Many of them carry their sporting gear, in some cases, brooms. This was a sign that curling was part of the first Winter Games, albeit with only three nations participating.

Already, we are reminded of the danger of some events and told, through intertitles, that a Swiss bobsleigher broke both legs in a spill, as did an American ski jumper.

There is footage of 11-year-old Sonja Henie. We even see her falling during one spin attempt. But her skill at such an early age is evident. She went on to earn the gold medal at the next three Olympics.

The 50-kilometer cross-country course was covered in such deep snow that the organizers had to plant 6,200 flags to show the way.