I don’t normally like gory films, but there is something compelling about Landscape #2 (Pokrajina St.2), the tale of a happy-go-lucky fellow who unwittingly manages to cause the death of every single person who cares for him. Sergey has two girlfriends, a stable fiancé who adores him and a rich girl with whom he has wild sex. He also has an older mentor named Polde, who breaks into the homes of elderly Slovenians who sided with the Nazis and steals artwork that they pillaged during the war and trades them for ransom. At the beginning of the story, Polde takes Sergey with him on one of these heists and warns him not to touch anything other than the painting they are after. But Sergey, fool that he is, can’t resist taking money from a wall safe…and a document the significance of which he, tragically, fails to understand.