I admit that the reason I liked White Tiger is that it is weird and deals with Fortean phenomena. (Charles Fort was a New York-based writer who researched unexplained and anomalous phenomena.) Sgt. Nayenov inexplicably recovers quickly from receiving burns to 90 percent of his body after a tank battle against the Germans in 1943. When he returns to full consciousness, he can’t remember anything about his personal background, but he does recall all of his tank driving skills, and he is convinced that the Germans have a mysterious monster tank that destroys all it faces and then disappears into thin air. Of course his superiors think he’s crazy… until others confirm his suspicions. A sympathetic officer believes Nayenov, orders the building of a Soviet super-tank and puts Nayenov in charge of the pursuit of the German tank. Although White Tiger is primarily a metaphysical rumination on the nature of warfare, it is action-packed and includes two tank battle scenes that reveal the appalling nature of tank warfare (such as getting burned alive inside your tank).