First of all, the characters in Flowers do not speak Spanish, but Basque. This is an unusual film in that it begins by telling one woman’s story, but gradually transitions to a story about a different woman.

Ane is a secretary at a construction site. She is unhappily married and becomes depressed when she learns that she is reaching menopause unusually early. Without any warning, she begins receiving bouquets of flowers at her home. Her husband becomes jealous, but the truth is that Ane has no idea who is sending her the flowers. Then, one day, one of her co-workers, a crane operator named Beñat, dies in an automobile accident…and the flowers stop coming.

Moved, Ane starts placing flowers at the site of Beñat’s accident. Now it’s the turn of Beñat’s angry-at-the-world widow, toll-booth worker Lourdes, to become jealous. Throw in Beñat’s grieving mother and you end up with three women reacting to the death of a quiet, unassuming man.