Although Wajib does have a plot, I was most taken by this comic-drama’s setup: before Palestinian weddings, it is traditional for the invitations to be delivered in person. Because the mother of the bride-to-be scandalously ran away to the United States some years back, it’s left to father Abu, a well-liked retired teacher who continues to tutor, to do the deliveries. He convinces his son, Abu Shadi, who is now an architect in Italy, to return to Palestine and help him. Father and son are played by Mohammad Bakri and Saleh Bakri, who really are father and son, so their interactions are smooth and natural. Written and directed by Annemarie Jacir, the story takes place in Nazareth in Israel. As Abu and Saleh roam around town, they encounter a wide range of relatives and old friends, both Christian and Muslim. Along the way, they argue about politics, exile versus staying, and living in a country ruled by Jews.