Vesna is a middle-aged nurse whose husband, Zarko, is a convicted war criminal responsible for pro-Serbian massacres. His actions have had a devastating effect on his family. One son committed suicide and his other now-adult son and daughter are not only haunted by what he did, but find it hard to find work as soon as their family connection is revealed. One day, Vesna receives a call from Zarko, who has been released from prison. He wants to be reunited with his family. They want nothing to do with him. But after subsequent calls, Vesna, portrayed brilliantly by Ksenija Marinković, starts to look at herself in the mirror and recall the good times she and her husband had when they were much younger. There is a surprise ending that adds another layer to the tragedy of war, although viewers paying close attention to details in the settings might anticipate the twist. Director Zrinko Ogresta filmed each scene in a single shot, which adds a realistic intimacy to the travails of Vesna and her children.