Kills on Wheels is not your typical film about disabled people. Zoli and Barba are roommates in a rehab center. Zoli, who has severe spinal problems, is wheelchair-bound and will die young unless money can be raised to send him to Germany for an operation. Despite the pleadings of his mother, he refuses to ask his father, who abandoned them when he was an infant, for financial support. Barba has cerebral palsy. The two of them are creating a graphic novel that they hope will win them money and recognition and maybe even girlfriends, although Barba has an annoying habit of spraying deodorant on the outside of his clothes. At the center, they meet ex-firefighter János Rupaszov, who is paralyzed below the waist and, like Zoli, is wheelchair-bound. He’s also a free-lance hitman for a sinister Serbian gangster. A hitman in a wheelchair? Yes, and he’s good at it. There’s one particularly tense scene in which János, with the help of Zoli and Barba, assassinates a slick lawyer in a public square. As witnesses search for the assassin, it never occurs to anyone that it could be the unkempt guy in the wheelchair.

Zoltán Fenyvesi, who plays Zoli, and Adám Fekete, who plays Barba, are, in fact, disabled.