After the Oscar winners accept their awards and deal with the TV people, they come to the Press Room and answer questions from the written press, radio and international media. Here are my five favorite backstage comments of the night.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis (Best Actor: Lincoln)

Asked if there are any other historical characters he would like to portray, he answered that he couldn’t answer. “I need to have a lie-down for the next couple of years.”

2. Shawn Christensen (Best Live-Action Short: Curfew)

Asked what he hoped to get out of winning an Academy Award, he replied, “I’d love to get a job.”

3. John Kahrs (Best Animated Short)

He forgot to thank his parents onstage, so he had been trying to telephone them ever since. “I got a busy signal. When was the last time you got a busy signal? It’s because they live way out in Vermont. There are more cows than people”

4. Mychael Danna (Best Score: Life of Pi)

Asked what it’s like to hold the Oscar statue, he answered, “I’m still learning how to hold it properly. You got to put your thumb on the little butt there… You got to feel the little butt cheeks.”

5. Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress: Silver Linings Playbook)

Asked if she was afraid that, by winning at age 22, she might have peaked too early, she looked horrified and then said, “Now I am.”